posted on 20.05.12

A couple get a female puppy as a new-apartment gift, and fall in love with her immediately. She’s cute, rambunctious, and clever enough to be trained. They buy her expensive dog food and raise her with all the love they can, eventually moving into a house with a backyard, in large part so that she’ll have somewhere to play. When she’s about five years old, they decide that one of her isn’t enough; they want to breed her and get puppies, to have a new generation of dogs to adore. They go to the vet to see if he can find them a good dog to pair with, or if he has recommendations for any breeders in the area. When he examines their dog, however, he shakes his head and says, very simple, “You can’t breed this dog.” They’re first taken back, then insulted. Who is he to tell them what they can and can’t do with their dog!? They express as much to him, and he shrugs in response. “Look,” he says, “all I’m doing is calling a spayed a spayed.