posted on 03.05.12




So I didn’t know that fucking dragons existed. Just look at them. Just fucking look.

They hide under a disguise of feathers and call themselves bearded vultures. But I see through their lies.

Want one as a pet? Well they’d be $9000 dollars, but that’s hypothetical because you simply cannot have one. Also, they like to eat dead parrots and dolphins and that’s out of your budget too. Ablubblubbloo…

i want a lammergeier so badly no one has any idea

definitely not out of my budget. i have like ten dead dolphins in my fridge rn.

I love the facial expression on the guy in the first picture.

"I… guys, I’m really not comfortable holding this freaky bird-thing. Oh god it’s looking at me. Do you SEE that evil goatee it’s got going? Shit, this thing’s going to kill me.”