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tumblr i am glad that we can all agree that chris brown’s actions were inexcusable

now if you could start applying the same critical spirit to your favorite white dudes that would be great

ben roethlisberger

julian assange

woody allen

kelsey grammer

roman polanski


nicolas cage

charlie sheen

gary oldman

mel gibson

bill murray


sean penn

the list goes on

women are treated like shit in this world

I didn’t know about bill murray. shit.

william hurt

tommy lee

josh brolin

sonny bono

Martin Lesley Crandall

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

vince neil

terry richardson

sean connery

michael bay

dominique strauss-kahn

michael fassbender

sean bean

nick cave

modest mouse guy Christian Bale

and the Modest Mouse guy still, although did anyone not already know he sucks? [Isaac Brock]

ringo starr

mark wahlberg

Wow I was unaware of so many of these…

Bless this post! 

I’m so tired of so many of my fellow white feminists holding Chris Brown up as some kind of ultimate evil who should be shunned from all civilization but get to hemming and hawing and making excuses for people like Roman Polanski (raped a thirteen year old girl) and Roethlisberger and Fassbender and not minding if they get all these awards and accolades and complete impunity.

Nobody seemed to mind when Roethlisberger played in the goddamn Super Bowl.

Nobody minded when Charlie Sheen was a top paid actor for years on a TV show.

Or: it’s amazing how many people will both reblog and post about how awful Chris Brown is (though their support of Rihanna when white dudes are calling her racial slurs in magazines is notably absent), and then post Fassbender appreciation posts and drool over him.

i’m not going to stand by this list because i don’t know if it’s comprehensive/accurate enough, but the sentiments are 100% true, and worthy of examination.

This list is just!!!!

Adding that dude from the Shins who abused his girlfriend from ANTM.

god fucking damn it not the Shins
son of a god damn whore, even the Shins

this is absolutely more pervasive than I thought and needs to be recognized.

Okay, so I agree that this is a serious problem, that white men get a pass WAY, WAY more often than men of color.  But I want to visit each item on this list individually, because there’s a couple items on here that I don’t think you can put in the same field as men like Chris Brown or Roman Polanski, whose guilt is egregious and obvious.  I’ll visit each one individually and give links.

  • Ben Roethlisberger: Sure seemsfishy.  Won’t hear me singing his praises anytime soon.  Almost def. a creep.
  • Julian Assange: You can actually read a 100-page file of case evidence and interviews that were… ironically… leaked to the internet here.  Much more evidence against him than I thought initially.  ”Smear campaign” excuse overblown.  Likely guilty.
  • Woody Allen: Definitely a creep given his jokes about his ex-wife’s sexual assault and relationship with his step-daughter.  Reports of child sex abuse remain up in the air, but definitely seems fishy, especially considering his character in general.  Condemnable.
  • Kelsey Grammer: An alcoholic, drug abuser, and slanderer, a shitty parent, and all-around asshole.  Took a lot of digging, only evidence of abuse or rape charges came from a comment at the bottom of an article.  Double-checked on the California Sex Offender registry and a search for “Grammer, Kelsey” yielded no results.  So… an asshole, but probably not a rapist.
  • Roman Polanski: A stack of evidence against him and a case so big it has its own fucking Wikipedia entry.  The most famous case on the list, almost certainly guilty.  But while he has tons more supporters in Hollywood than Chris Brown, I’d say on the internet his guilt is as widely accepted as Brown’s is, at least from what I’ve seen.
  • Elvis:Racist asshole.  And his wife was 14 fucking years old when they started dating.  Priscilla claimed in her autobiography that he raped her but later rescinded those claims—both after his death, hence no court case.  An awful person based on the racism and creepy relationship alone, maybe not a rapist.
  • Nicolas Cage: Publicly arrested under domestic abuse charges.  Almost certainly guilty, this one’s easy, a quick google search will yield TONS of articles.
  • Charlie Sheen: Clearly guilty.  A number of abuse charges.  But I think pretty much everyone hates him now anyway, or at best finds him amusingly ridiculous in his sheer batshittery.
  • Gary Oldman: Gets the most shit end of the stick on this list.  Was accused in 2001, but the case was investigated by three different legal institutions who ultimately found him innocent and also awarded him custody of their children, for whom he cleaned up his problems with alcohol.  The only links I can find to remotely suggest his guilt are other people talking about him on Tumblr, no sources found.  I don’t think he is guilty based on what I’ve been able to find, and I certainly don’t think he belongs on this list with the likes of some of these characters.
  • Mel Gibson: Guilty guilty so fucking guilty.  Outlandishly guilty.  Plus, a racist and anti-semite on top of it.  I don’t think there’s anything to like about him. Watching that Simpsons episode he guest-starred in gives me weird, surreal vibes because they talk about how likeable he is.  Weird to think of a time when that was true.
  • Bill Murray: You can view the abuse claim filed against him at The Smoking Gun.  Can’t find anything about how the case was concluded.  Not sure about this one.
  • Eminem: Definitely has a lot of problematic lyrics in his work.  Guilty of slander and a history of violence and assault.  Emotional and psychological abuse alone was enough to drive wife Kim to attempt suicide.  Might well have beat her too.  Awful person, definitely guilty.
  • Sean Penn: Almost certainly abused Madonna, to the point where he plead to the misdemeanor just to avoid getting convicted of the felony.
  • William Hurt: Ambiguous.  Seems like he was so strung out at the time even he isn’t sure if he did it?  Can’t find anything conclusive.
  • Tommy Lee: Guilty in at leasttwo cases of assault.
  • Josh Brolin: Arrested, but wife chose not to file charges.  Probably guilty but uncertain to what extent.
  • Sonny Bono: Cher made a number of accusations against him.  Seems likely emotional abuse took place at least.  Not sure about the rest.
  • Martin Crandall: Case was dropped due to lack of evidence and lack of interest by the plaintiff to further pursue the case.  There was obviously an altercation between them, though.
  • Jonathan Rhys Meyers: A number of charges against him.  Admitted to one,  also found guilty of threatening cops. The case with the flight attendant, charges were dropped but it still seems fishy.  Should go to rehab at least, he’s a fucking mess.
  • Vince Neil: Attacked a sex worker, plead no contest.  Also faces a number of otherassault charges of which he is probably guilty as hell.
  • Terry Richardson: “Terry Richardson scandal” is one of the top things that comes up on a Google search as soon as you start typing his name.  So manythingswrongwith thisman.  A veritable mountain of evidence against him.  Creepy creepy creep.
  • Sean Connery: Actually openly admitted he approves of hitting women in multipleinterviews.  At this point I feel like you don’t even need an actual assault charge to assume he’s guilty.
  • Michael Bay: His shitty behavior seems to have driven Megan Fox off the set of his film.  Is not popular with leading ladies in general.  Douchebag.
  • Dominique Strauss-Kahn: Ugh, this case is a bog.  Read it yourself.
  • Michael Fassbender: Not sure about him.  I had my doubts about the timeline of the abusecase (which you’re all free to make up your own minds about, of course).  Comments made towards Keira Knightley during filming were creepy, but it sounds like Keira was not as intimidated by them as I was led to believe by other discourse, nor can I find evidence that she has refused to work with him again, which was another thing I had heard.  My jury is still out on him.
  • Sean Bean: Police arrived at his home on reports of domestic disturbance on multiple occasions.  Unsure if domestic abuse or just arguments, though there was an arrest at one point.
  • Nick Cave: I seriously can’t find anything.  Someone help me on this one?
  • Christian Bale: Accused of assaulting wife and sister.  Verbal assault likely, physical uncertain.  I suppose you never know, given his famous temper.
  • Isaac Brock: Not sure about this one.
  • Ringo Starr: I feel like I’ve seen an article where Ringo talks about his past with domestic violence during his drinking days but I can’t find it now?  Help me with this one too.
  • Mark Wahlberg: Has been to jail for a number of assaults, most of them racially motivated.  Guilty as hell.
  • (Does “that guy from The Shins refer to an additional person besides Crandall or is he the only one?”)

There.  Now nobody has an excuse not to educate themselves at least a little bit.

In any case, I like to try to approach all of these cases as though I were on the jury for that case.  I try to assume complete impartiality and then say “okay, based on the evidence I have seen, would I convict this man?”  In a lot of these cases, I’d say yes!  So yes, let’s skewer them along with Chris Brown, definitely.  But some of the cases are more ambiguous, and Gary Oldman in particular I think does not deserve to be on this list.

It’s an important point that the white men often get a free pass.  But not all cases are the same, not all cases are as egregious and obvious as men like Chris Brown, Roman Polanski, Mel Gibson, or Mark Wahlberg.  When we condemn these men so vocally and enthusiastically it is because their guilt is obvious, yet they still get work and maintain popularity.  To better make this point, the list could probably be better filed down to those men who are completely, utterly, and unapologetically guilty.

Finally a post with CITATIONS. Bless.

It’s a real shame for some of these people. I will probably still be a fan of their work because I’ve never really taken the “shitty person, hate their art” angle before (I’ve liked stuff by shittier people) but there’s always that pervasive air that learning something like this will give, you know?

It’s RIDICULOUS how much this stuff goes unpunished. I wonder how many cases had the charges dropped because of not being able to cover legal fees.

This is incredibly stressfully eye-opening

i’m so sad about all of this

Reblogged the original list before, but the one with the sources is worth reading. I still agree with the original sentiment, obviously, and you’ll never catch me going “Oh poor abusive white men, they get such a hard time,” but in cases where there is genuine ambiguity (Oldman, Cave, and maybe Fassbender) I prefer to withhold judgement. The rest of these are pretty damning, and the silence on all counts when it comes to attractive popular white men is a distressing oversight from a Tumblr community that should know better.

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